Dennis Yu on How To Build a Brand, Digital Marketing Vs. Offline, and Local Service Ads.

Danny Leibrandt

May 3, 2024

Welcome to the Pest Control SEO Podcast! I’m Danny Leibrandt, founder of Pest Control SEO, where we specialize in growing pest control companies through effective SEO strategies. Today, we have the pleasure of hosting Dennis Yu once again. Dennis is a legend in the digital marketing space, renowned for his expertise in SEO, Facebook ads, and much more. If you haven't listened to our previous podcast with Dennis, I highly recommend you do so to get some context before diving into today’s episode. We are thrilled to have Dennis back as we delve into deeper discussions about local SEO, branding, and the intersection of digital and offline marketing.

Introduction to Dennis Yu

Danny Leibrandt: Dennis, it's great to have you back on the podcast. For those who might not know you, can you give a brief introduction?

Dennis Yu: Thanks, Danny. I'm Dennis Yu, a mentor to Danny and a search engineer by trade. I love helping people grow their agencies through clear, measurable standards. My background in search engines gives me a unique perspective on SEO compared to other experts. I’m excited to share some insights today.

Importance of Reputation and E-E-A-T

Danny Leibrandt: Dennis, you conduct audits frequently for various local businesses. When you first look at a website and their overall digital marketing strategy, what do you focus on?

Dennis Yu: The first thing I look for is their reputation. I evaluate whether they satisfy Google’s E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) standards. For instance, we recently audited a pest control company with nine locations and 200 technicians. Their extensive positive reviews, keyword rankings, and overall experience clearly demonstrated their credibility and expertise.

Amplifying Success and Digital Marketing Tactics

Danny Leibrandt: What should companies focus on to enhance their online presence? Should they aim for a great website, accumulate reviews, or something else?

Dennis Yu: It’s essential to amplify what’s already working well for you. For example, if you’re like Tommy Melo with vans sporting your logo all over the place, and it’s driving business, then invest more in that. This can include TV and radio ads, which can also improve your Google rankings. Essentially, identify your top-performing channels and invest more in them. Don’t get distracted by every new marketing trend; instead, focus on what’s proven to work for your business.

Offline Marketing's Power and Integration

Danny Leibrandt: We often talk about SEO and social media marketing, but what about offline marketing like TV commercials and billboards?

Dennis Yu: Offline marketing can be incredibly effective, often more so than digital. However, it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison. For instance, local ads on TVs at places like barber shops or tire centers can be very impactful. Billboards and TV ads can build strong brand awareness. A good offline strategy works best when you already have a strong brand and reputation. For instance, Daryl Isaacs, a prominent lawyer in Kentucky, effectively uses billboards and TV ads to maintain his strong market presence.

Building a Great Brand

Danny Leibrandt: How can a local business build a great brand?

Dennis Yu: Building a brand is about what others say about you, not what you say about yourself. Google your company and see what comes up. Your brand is the sum of all positive and negative interactions people have had with you. To build a strong brand, ensure your operations are solid, and encourage happy customers to leave reviews. Handle negative feedback professionally and work on getting as much positive content about your company out there.

Dealing with Negative Reputation

Danny Leibrandt: What should companies do if they’re struggling with a poor reputation?

Dennis Yu: First, address any operational issues causing dissatisfaction. If negative feedback is due to genuine service problems, no amount of marketing can cover that up. Secondly, if you’re dealing with unfair negative attacks, focus on pushing positive content. Engage in reputation management by producing and promoting positive stories about your business to overshadow the negatives.

Generating Local Content and Building Trust

Danny Leibrandt: Can you elaborate on how local businesses can create content and build trust?

Dennis Yu: Focus on generating simple, authentic content. For example, make short videos answering common questions related to your industry. Collaborate with other local businesses to create joint content, which can boost local trust signals. Don’t overthink it—use your phone to capture everyday moments and share them. Consistency is key; even a few minutes a month can make a significant impact.

Utilizing Local Service Ads (LSAs)

Danny Leibrandt: Let’s talk about LSAs. Some clients find them costly or ineffective. What’s your take?

Dennis Yu: LSAs can be incredibly powerful if used correctly. They’re an extension of your Google Business Profile. If your Google Business Profile is well-optimized and you have strong reviews, LSAs can drive highly qualified leads. Ensure you’re promptly and professionally answering calls generated by LSAs. If your LSA account is old or underperforming, consider creating a new one to reset its performance metrics.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Danny Leibrandt: Dennis, this has been incredibly insightful. Any final thoughts for our listeners?

Dennis Yu: If you’re in the pest control business and looking to optimize your digital presence, don’t hesitate to reach out to Danny for a free audit. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get a professional assessment and actionable insights to improve your marketing efforts. Thanks for having me, Danny.

Danny Leibrandt: Thank you, Dennis. Remember, you can book a free audit using the link in the description below. Let’s work together to elevate your pest control business. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you next week on the Pest Control SEO Podcast!

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