Jeremy Newman on Going From Zero To Millions, The Importance of Faith, and Lead Generation.

Danny Leibrandt

May 24, 2024

Welcome to another episode of the Pest Control SEO Podcast! I’m Danny Leibrandt, the founder of Pest Control SEO, where we help pest control companies grow through effective SEO strategies. Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with Jeremy Newman, a highly successful entrepreneur. Jeremy owns Crown Restoration and OneTom Plumber, achieving over $7 million in revenue across his companies last year alone. Recently, he’s also ventured into real estate. Join us as we delve into Jeremy’s journey from starting his business to becoming a multimillionaire, the importance of faith in his life, and his insights into lead generation.

Jeremy Newman’s Journey: From Lawn Care to Restoration

Danny: Jeremy, welcome to the show. I'm thrilled to have you here.

Jeremy: Thanks, Danny. I appreciate you having me on.

Danny: Let's start with your journey. You founded Crown Restoration over 18 years ago. How did you get into the restoration business?

Jeremy: Well, my journey began with several ventures, including lawn care. After flunking out of that, I focused on finding a business that could support my family. We were living in Tampa, Florida, and wanted to move back to Texas. So, we researched various businesses, and I landed on restoration. In 2005, I started researching certifications and courses. We moved back to San Antonio in January 2006, bought a truck, some paint brushes, and started painting houses. That’s how Crown Restoration began.

The Early Challenges and Growth

Danny: It was just you and your wife in the beginning. How long did that last before you started hiring?

Jeremy: For the first year, it was mainly just my wife and me. We had a few helpers for our painting business, but we didn’t know how to get water damage jobs initially. Eventually, we figured it out, but it was a steep learning curve.

Danny: How did you learn the ropes in the restoration business?

Jeremy: I was clueless initially. I found a message board where I met someone from Louisiana who walked me through my first job over the phone. It was a game-changer, and my confidence grew from there.

Transition to a Full-Service Restoration Business

Danny: What does your business look like now?

Jeremy: Crown Restoration is now a full-service restoration business. We handle water damage mitigation, mold remediation, fire damage restoration, contents restoration, and construction. We also started OneTom Plumber to generate leads and diversify our services.

Overcoming Initial Challenges and Scaling

Danny: Starting Crown Restoration must have been tough. How did you manage to scale it?

Jeremy: It was incredibly tough. The main challenge was generating leads. We placed ads for painting jobs, which provided income, but getting restoration leads was difficult. We eventually figured out that building relationships with plumbers for referrals was key.

Danny: What lead generation strategies worked or failed for you?

Jeremy: Initially, we paid third-party companies for leads, which was hit or miss. We didn’t understand digital marketing well. Focusing on personal referrals from plumbers was our breakthrough.

Building Successful Partnerships

Danny: How did you build these partnerships with plumbers?

Jeremy: We identified that plumbers have pain points, like accidental water damage during jobs. We offered to handle these emergencies quickly, making them look like heroes to their customers. We paid plumbers per lead and ensured we showed up immediately when called.

Danny: How did you reach out to these companies?

Jeremy: I just showed up in person, introduced myself, and tried to talk to the owner or general manager. Even meeting a plumber at a supply house could lead to a connection. Building these relationships was crucial.

Family Involvement and Key Hires

Danny: Who were your first hires?

Jeremy: My first hire was my neighbor, Rex Davey, who saw me working on equipment in my garage. He expressed interest in helping, and he became a pivotal part of our business. My wife also played a significant role, working tirelessly alongside me. Eventually, my children started helping out too.

Danny: How did your hiring process evolve?

Jeremy: Initially, it was mostly family and close friends. My sons started working with me from a young age, and as they grew, they took on more responsibilities. We stayed small and family-oriented for several years before expanding our team.

A Pivotal Moment and Growth Strategy

Danny: What was the pivotal moment that made you decide to grow the business further?

Jeremy: In 2015, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, which was a wake-up call. I realized I needed to build a more sustainable business that didn’t rely entirely on me. In 2016, I joined groups and learned about building an organization, which helped me pivot and grow the business.

Danny: What did you learn that helped you scale?

Jeremy: I learned about creating clarity, culture, and vision. Building an organization meant delegating tasks, training others, and multiplying my value. A coach asked me if I was willing to change, which was a turning point. I realized I was the bottleneck and needed to let go of control.

Vision and Faith

Danny: What is your vision for Crown Restoration?

Jeremy: My vision is inspired by my faith. I want to be an inspiration to my family and teach them everything I know. Our core values are attitude, heart, urgency, and grit. Our focus is to inspire passion and excellence in serving others. This vision drives me every day.

Danny: Can you share your journey of faith?

Jeremy: I come from a rough background with substance abuse issues. At 17, I met a counselor who believed in me and introduced me to Jesus. This changed my life. My faith has sustained me through tough times and guided my business decisions. It’s a core part of who I am.


Danny: Jeremy, your story is incredibly inspiring. From starting small to building a multimillion-dollar business, your journey is a testament to hard work, faith, and perseverance. Thank you for sharing your insights on lead generation and the importance of building strong relationships.

Jeremy: Thanks, Danny. It’s been a pleasure sharing my story. I hope it inspires others to pursue their dreams and build successful businesses.

Danny: For those looking to grow their pest control business, remember the importance of SEO and building personal connections. Alright, I'm Danny Leibrandt and thanks for tuning in to the Pest Control SEO Podcast. Until next time!